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Our Mission

Stephen Hawking once said, “Showing up is half the battle.” Well, he’s right. But the other half is knowing who to call when you have a problem. That’s where we come in. 


Cunningham Consulting is a team of problem solvers ready to join your team and help you navigate any challenges you face and turn them into opportunities. 


We treat our clients with the same respect, dignity, and professionalism no matter if they are a Fortune 100 corporation or a burgeoning start-up.


We will run through brick walls to pursue success and we can not guarantee victory. But we can guarantee that no one will outwork us or outsmart us. 

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Joe served in the 116th Congress on the Veterans Affairs and Natural Resources committees. He was ranked one of the most independent and effective members of Congress, receiving multiple awards including the Jefferson Bipartisanship Award by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Sierra Club’s Legislator of the year.  


He got multiple bills signed into law, including the Great American Outdoor Act” which was dubbed the “greatest piece of conservation legislation in a generation,” while the “Veterans Modernization Act” would allow veterans to attend their appeals hearings virtually. And Cunningham passed his signature Offshore Drilling ban through the House before President Trump signed a moratorium on all drilling in the southern Atlantic. 


Having never run for political office prior to the 2018 election, Cunningham became the first democrat in 40 years to win South Carolina’s First Congressional District.  


Before Congress, Cunningham worked as a construction attorney for five years and before that Cunningham worked as an ocean engineer. He attended the College of Charleston and received his B.S. in Ocean Engineering from Florida Atlantic University and his J.D. from Salmon P. Chase College of Law at Northern Kentucky University.


In 2022, Cunningham was elected the Democratic nominee for governor, where he advocated for an elimination of the state income tax, teacher pay raises, Medicaid Expansion, a ban on gerrymandering, and legalization of marijuana and sports betting. 


He now lives in Charleston and has a five year old son Boone and a 10 year old rescue dog Teddy.

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